A Partnership in Survey Administration

High-quality survey administration is not an off-the-shelf product.  At My Student Survey, we believe in a ‘Whatever It Takes’ approach to ensuring that your survey administration is successful and that survey data helps your teachers grow.  Having worked in districts ourselves, we know the challenges of implementing a new initiative and we work hand in hand to guide you through the process.  Below is a look at a typical survey administration and the supports that we provide at each step of the way.


Phase I – Planning

  • We collaborate with your school or district to develop timelines, milestones, and action steps so that you start with a clear plan.  It is important to ensure that your plan matches the specific goals for your district.

Phase II – Communication Support

  • We believe that transparency and early communication builds a foundation of support for student surveys.  We use this phase to develop a communication plan for outreach to relevant district staff, principals, teachers, parents, union officials, and students.
  • Teacher engagement is a critical piece for high quality student survey administration. Receiving feedback from students can be unfamiliar for many teachers, so we use proven strategies for building teacher engagement.
  • For each communication we provide support for content that is tailored to the unique context of your district.


Phase III – Project Management Support

  • Our implementation team will provide extensive training for state, district, and school staff members on how to manage the survey process using our best-in-class Administration Portal (see screen shot below). This will empower state, district, and school administrators to choose which surveys they want to administer, choose when they would like to administer, upload rosters, and track responses in real-time.  Contact us today to see a free demo! We also have dedicated project managers that will support staff members at each step along the way. Finally, we have an extensive suite of support materials such as guidebooks, FAQs, and webinars that staff can draw upon at any time.


Phase IV – Survey Administration

  • Survey administration windows can be customized to meet the needs of your district whether that means a 1 day administration or a two month window.
  • We provide both paper and online surveys (as well as a hybrid of the two) depending on what works best for the district.
  • During administration, we provide extensive technical assistance via both our technical assistance hotline as well as a dedicated support email.  All questions are addressed and responded to within 24 hours.

Phase V – Feedback Reports and Professional Development

  • For online surveys, we provide feedback reports within 1 week following the end of survey administration.  We know that timely feedback is critical (just like it is for students) so it is important that we have a short turnaround while still ensuring all reports have gone through an extensive quality control process.
  • We use our extensive set of materials for professional development to help teachers and school leaders translate student survey data into action.
For more information please contact us with any questions.