Sample Student Survey Topics

What are some examples of questions/topics on the STeP (Survey of TEacher Practice) survey?

The questions on the STeP survey are broken into six categories that represent the various Roles of a Teacher. We all know that teachers are asked to do many different things in the classroom. They may be asked to teach a science lesson, coach students to push through a difficult math problem, be a counselor for a student that is having a bad day, manage a classroom of 30 students, or be a content expert; all within the same class period! The STeP survey is designed to give teachers feedback within each of these areas.
Juggling-Teacher (2)

Category 1:  Presenter – Ability to present information and structure lessons

‐ When explaining new skills or ideas in class, my teacher tells us about common mistakes that students might make

– At the end of each lesson, the teacher reviews what we have just learned

Category 2:  Manager – Ability to manage a classroom and foster productivity

‐ My teacher corrects students when they do not follow the rules of the class

‐ We are learning or working during the entire class period

Category 3:  Counselor – Awareness of student need and teacher‐student relations

– My teacher shows respect for all students

– My teacher notices when I am not participating in class

Category 4:  Coach – Providing feedback and challenging students 

– My teacher gives us guidelines for assignments so we know how we will be graded (grading rules, charts, rubrics, etc)

– I have to work hard to do well in this class

Category 5:  Motivator:  Engaging and investing students in learning   

– My teacher has us apply what we are learning to real-life situations

– My teacher encourages me to share my ideas or opinions about what we are learning in class

Category 6:  Content Expert:  Knowledge of subject and encouraging  student thinking 

– My teacher is able to answer students’ questions about the subject

– After asking us questions, my teacher lets us think for a few seconds before we have to answer


For more information please contact us with any questions.



For more information please contact us with any questions.