STeP Survey

What are some examples of questions/topics on the STeP (Survey of TEacher Practice) survey?

The questions on the STeP survey are broken into six categories that represent the various Roles of a Teacher. We all know that teachers are asked to do many different things in the classroom. They may be asked to teach a science lesson, coach students to push through a difficult math problem, be a counselor for a student that is having a bad day, manage a classroom of 30 students, or be a content expert; all within the same class period! The STeP survey is designed to give teachers feedback within each of these areas.Importantly, we ask about the frequency of each practice (e.g. Always, Almost Always, Often, etc.).  Doing this allows students to answer the questions in a more reliable fashion based on the best survey design research available.
We offer our STeP Survey to students in grades 3-12.  We believe in only offering surveys that demonstrate the highest levels of validity and these are the grades levels that are supported by the research.

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Juggling-Teacher (2)

Category 1:  Presenter – Ability to present information and structure lessons

‐ When explaining new skills or ideas in class, my teacher tells us about common mistakes that students might make.

– My teacher reviews what we have just learned before the lesson is over.

Category 2:  Manager – Ability to manage a classroom and foster productivity

‐ My teacher corrects students when they do not follow the rules of the class.

‐ We are learning or working during the entire class period.

Category 3:  Counselor – Awareness of student need and teacher‐student relations

– My teacher shows respect for all students.

– If I do not understand something in class, my teacher explains it in a different way to help me understand.

Category 4:  Coach – Providing feedback and challenging students 

– I learn from my mistakes in this class.

– I have to work hard to do well in this class.

Category 5:  Motivator:  Engaging and investing students in learning   

– My teacher has us apply what we are learning to real-life situations.

– My teacher encourages me to share my ideas or opinions about what we are learning in class.

Category 6:  Content Expert:  Knowledge of subject and encouraging  student thinking 

– My teacher knows the  answers to our questions about the subject.

– After asking us questions, my teacher lets us think for a few seconds before we have to answer.

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