Climate Survey

My Student Survey has taken the best research on measuring school climate to create a valid and reliable measure of the aspects of schooling that impact student outcomes.  A positive school climate is strongly related to student health, learning, and academic success and we provide actionable feedback reports that help schools improve in each of these areas.

Our Climate Survey includes measures of the following components:


Cultural Competence (Sample Item: Teachers treat students of all races with respect.)

Student-to-Student Relationships (Sample Item: Students enjoy doing things with each other in school activities.)

Student-To-Teacher Relationships (Sample Item: Teachers are available when I need to talk to them.)

Student Participation (Sample Item: Students in this school have a say in how things work.)

Parent and Community Member Participation (Sample Item: This school is a welcoming place for families like mine.)


Physical Safety (Sample Item: Students get into physical fights at my school.)

Emotional Safety (Sample Item: Students are taught how to solve conflicts with others.)

Bullying (Sample Item: In this school, bullying in a problem.)


Physical Environment (Sample Item: My school is neat and clean.)

Instructional Expectations (Sample Item: My teachers expect me to continue my education after high school.)

Instructional Order and Management (Sample Item: If some students are acting up in class the teacher will do something about it.)

Disciplinary Environment (Sample Item: The rules in this school are too strict.)

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