Improving Student Engagement

The Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) provides states the opportunity to envision and create an accountability plan with greater flexibility, one that moves beyond just test scores to consider the many aspects of student learning that comprise a high-level, quality education. With the new law, it is now possible for systems to include non-academic factors that drive success for all students.  As any practitioner will tell you, engaging students and inspiring curiosity is one of the most critical and meaningful parts of their job and ultimately is essential in improving learning outcomes.

Using valid and reliable student voice data gathered through the STeP survey or our Student Climate Survey gives state policy makers a powerful opportunity for educators to gain in-depth and never before available insights into what is happening in the classroom and within the school. The survey can disaggregate data based on subject, grade level, student demographics, and other important categories, allowing for meaningful differentiation at the school level.

The resulting feedback reports allow states to offer individual teachers and systems a user-friendly dashboard that displays valid and reliable data from student feedback, and facilitates the creation of an actionable, data-driven plan to improve instruction and student engagement in the classroom.



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