Our Capabilities

My Student Survey offers surveys and related services that are grounded in rigorous research and informed by state and federal policies and programs. We have deep experience designing surveys, administering them and reporting the finding to improve teaching and learning. We are committed to conducting high-quality work and answering questions that matter to the field. We provide the following services:


Survey Design

  • As experts in the field of measurement development, we start from your local teaching standards or other survey constructs and design a customized survey that is 100% owned by the client.  We can either lead all aspects of the survey validation process or we can build the capacity of district personnel to drive the process while we provide technical assistance.

ESSA Strategies for Measures of School Quality and Student Success

  • The new laws for school accountability provides an opportunity for states to think about expanding their definition of success beyond test scores.  We can apply our extensive background in survey development and administration to help organizations think through the various decisions related to incorporating surveys into a system of school accountability.

Project Management

  • We develop timelines, milestones, and action steps so that survey administration starts with a clear plan.
  • We develop a clear communication and training plan so that stakeholders are informed, engaged, and prepared for survey administration.  We also provide content support for all communications.

Survey Administration and Data Collection

  • We have the ability to collect data using online surveys or paper surveys.  Our survey platform has full capacity for open ended questions, multiple choice, audio functions (for learners with accommodations), multiple languages, conditional logic patterns, and many more.
  • We have applications available that allow for real-time monitoring of survey completion and response rates.
  • Our SmartSurvey Mobile Application allows stakeholders to take surveys using their mobile devices, greatly increasing response rates.   It can send targeted notifications, reminders, and track responses.

Training and Technical Assistance

  • We have the ability to train survey coordinators, principals, teachers, union officials, and other audiences using either in-person or webinar trainings.
  • We provide 24/7 technical assistance for survey administration and accessing feedback reports via our dedicated support email and support hotline.

Data Feedback Reports

  • We provide user-friendly, secure feedback reports that permit unique user logins as well as school and district-level access.  Feedback reports contain information about overall scores, item level information, and have the capability of reporting results from open-ended questions.
  • We provide data reports for survey data as well as other teacher and school level data points (such as evaluation scores, observation scores, etc.).

Professional Development

  • We have an extensive set of professional development resources available that facilitate the use of survey data to inform decisions.
  • As former educators, we have the skills, experience, and credibility to work with a variety of audiences on using survey results to create strategic plans.

Program Evaluation

  • Students surveys provide an efficient and reliable method of measuring the impact of a new program or initiative on instruction (in contrast to hiring observers or collecting information from teacher logs).  For all stakeholder surveys, we have the ability to establish a baseline, track results over time, and provide an analysis of instructional or other changes.


For more information please contact us with any questions.