Why Choose My Student Survey?

  • Our surveys were developed by expert researchers at Vanderbilt University. They were created using an established validation framework so you can have full confidence acting on the results.
  • We are all former teachers and have worked in district offices. This experience is critical to providing the best service because we have been in our clients’ shoes.
  • We provide web-based, user friendly feedback reports and employ the highest levels of data quality and security. Your data will be actionable, accurate and protected.
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Why Student Surveys?

  • Valid and reliable measure of teacher practice
  • Cost and time effective (survey takes approximately 15-20 minutes)
  • Allows feedback to be more frequent and from multiple stakeholders
  • Engages students in their educational experience and promotes student voice

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Where Do We Work?

We work with schools, districts and states across the country. We also work with national associations and research organizations. You can see some select clients below: