Professional Growth

At My Student Survey, we are former teachers.  This means that we know that survey data is most helpful when it helps teachers grow as professionals in a user-friendly, actionable way.  Here are some of the tools we use to assist teachers and school leaders with using survey results to impact instruction, answering the critical question of ‘Now What?’

Feedback Reports

  • Our feedback reports identify Areas of Strength and Areas of Focus within each of the six categories of the survey.  We use advanced algorithms to strategically identify the skills that will have the largest impact on students.
  • Teachers have easy access to a goal-setting template that guides teachers through the process of developing next steps.  This document can then be emailed by the teacher to instructional coaches, principals, or whomever they want to collaborate with.
  • Principals have information about which teachers in their building scored well on every single item.  We call this our Top Teacher section.  We know the that best source of professional development already exists within your building, and this allows a principal to pair teachers with models for specific practices for observations or professional learning communities.

Video Library

  • We have provided sample videos, aligned with each of our student survey items.  Here’s an example.  Teachers can see short, 2-3 minute videos in which teachers describe a practice that is directly related to each teaching practice on the survey.
  • We can also create a customized library that connects to your district’s existing professional development resources.

Training Sessions

  • We will partner with your school or district to provide trainings for instructional leaders on how to get the most out of your student survey results.
  • We have templates, guidebooks, and webinars that your district and school leaders can use to help teachers take action on student survey results.

SmartSurvey Mobile Application

  • Teachers can use the SmartSurvey Mobile Application to assess their own progress on specific practices that they may have set as their goals.  For instance, if a teacher wants to focus on providing high quality feedback, they can administer only the questions related to this concept following the implementation of their strategies.  This provides instant, specific, and helpful feedback upon which teachers can reflect.
For more information please contact us with any questions.