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What Do We Do?

  • My Student Survey administers the STeP (Survey of TEacher Practice) survey and provides detailed feedback report to teachers.  This survey has been tested thoroughly for its validity and reliability.  For more information on the validity study, please the full report on our research page.
  • My Student Survey provides education organizations with technical assistance in developing and validating a student survey of teacher practice that is aligned with local teaching standards.  This allows organizations to create a student survey with teacher buy-in and participation that is completely owned by the organization.  For more information, please see our section on creating your own survey.

How Was the STeP Survey Developed?

  • Survey was developed using an established validation framework including teacher and student interviews
  • Questions ask about research-based teaching practices
  • Questions align with valid and reliable observation rubrics such as Danielson’s Framework for Teaching© and CLASS©
  • Questions have been extensively tested for validity and reliability with more than 15,000 students and 900 teachers as part of Georgia’s Race to the Top initiative

Who is Using the STeP Survey?

My Student Survey has led survey administration and development for large districts such as Baltimore City Schools and Nashville Public Schools, statewide teachers' unions such as New York and Rhode Island, and education organizations that are nationwide.  The STeP survey has also been approved for statewide use in evaluation in Ohio and New York.  The STeP survey has been administered in states, districts, traditional public schools, independent schools, and charter schools in Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, South Carolina, Arkansas, Florida, New York, Rhode Island, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota,  Ohio, Texas, and many more (see map).     See reports about My Student Survey from the MET project and the Regional Education Lab (REL) through Wested.  We've also been referenced in the Hanover Report, the AIR resource guide, Bellwether Education Partners, Education First, and by the School Superintendents Association.

Why Student Surveys?

  • Valid and reliable measure of teacher practice
  • Available for all teachers (co-teachers, non-tested subjects)
  • Provides feedback on specific teacher practice
  • Cost and time effective (survey takes about 15-20 minutes)
  • Allows schools to give students a voice and an active role in the classroom

Why Choose My Student Survey?

  • We are researchers, former teachers, and have worked in a large urban district leading teacher evaluation.  We use each of these perspectives to provide you the best product and service.
  • We have worked collaboratively with teachers and unions to develop engagement and buy-in for student surveys.
  • We provide web-based, user-friendly feedback reports.
  • We use advanced screening procedures to eliminate invalid student responses.  This helps with validity and teacher engagement.

What Do We Provide with the STeP Survey?

  • All logistics for survey administration and data collection including guidebooks, webinars, and in-person trainings
  • Online or paper based surveys
  • Multiple screening procedures to eliminate invalid surveys
  • Detailed feedback report created for each teacher
  • Professional development assistance

What Do Our Clients Say?

“Over the past two years, the New York State Teachers' Union (NYSUT) has partnered with My Student Survey to develop and pilot a student survey.  Six New York State school districts labor/management teams have been engaged in this development in order to inform and enhance teachers' practices.  Dr. Ryan Balch of My Student Survey played a critical role in facilitating a research-based process to guide the design and validation of the survey tool aligned with specific performance expectations in the NYSUT's  Teacher Practice Rubric.  This process actively involved teachers, administrators, and students leading to greater teacher and administrator buy-in on the benefits of this feedback tool and survey questions that ensured student understanding of their intent. We are looking forward to continuing our work with My Student Survey during the 2014-2015 school year.”

Lawrence T. Waite - Project Director of NYSUT's Teacher Evaluation Initiative
"The Danielson Group chose to partner with My Student Survey on various projects and were very pleased.  We found their work to be of the highest quality.  They executed the process of administering student surveys very well and school districts were pleased with the process and the results of the student survey administration. If a K12 school district uses the Danielson Framework for Teaching for their teacher evaluation and they are looking to use student surveys, I recommend working with My Student Survey."
Charlotte Danielson - The Danielson Group

"It is our pleasure to provide the highest recommendation possible for My Student Survey and their great ability to provide student surveys to Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools, a district with over 150 schools and 86,000 students.  Last year we worked with another prominent student survey vendor and had many challenges with implementation and acceptance by our teachers, school leaders and district administrators.  In part, it is the contrast between the experience of working with them last year and My Student Survey this year that makes us so appreciative of the great work My Student Survey does."

Director of Teacher Evaluation - Metro Nashville Public Schools